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                     Tienet Parent Portal
The Middletown Township Public School District is continuing to update its methods of providing information to parents and guardians in a way that increases the convenience of parents, guardians and students while also minimizing District costs and considering the environmental benefits of a paperless system. As of September 2013, we are providing the opportunity for parents to receive student IEP Progress Reports from the District’s IEP program Tienet in secure electronic format rather than traditional paper format. 


If you receive information in electronic format, it is understood that the School District cannot control your Internet network server or system and that you are responsible to ensure that you are able to receive information electronically, that you will check for notifications using the Internet, and that you are accepting electronic receipt of information as full and acceptable service instead of paper format. The District is not responsible for your inability or failure to receive information via the Internet. 


If you do not wish to participate in this program, and prefer to receive all documents and information in paper format, please click on the Opt-Out Form Link below and complete form. If you do not complete and return the form, information will be provided electronically as set forth above. Time sensitive and important notices may be sent out via certified mail and/or other means in addition to or instead of electronic means; regardless of your selection below and where circumstances require.
If you encounter any difficulties with your Tienet Parent Portal password, please contact the following individual based on the school your child attends:
Bayview, Lincroft, Nut Swamp, River Plaza
 Middle Village, Ocean, Port Monmouth, Visions
 Colleen Ferrara 
Fairview, Harmony, Leonardo, Navesink 
New Monmouth & Preschool Students
Bayshore & 
High School North
High School South