Q & A

When does registration for new entrants begin? Do you stop accepting new entrants after a certain date? Do I need to make an appointment to register?

Kindergarten registration typically begins late February or the beginning of March and Grades 1-5 the first week of April. Although registration for the following school year begins in March, you can register at any point during the year, including summer. However, elementary schools are staffed by secretaries that work from the third week of August until the last day of school in June. No appointment is necessary. Secretaries handle registrations daily from 9:30-11:30 and 12:45-2:15.

What is the Future Kindergarten Student Orientation Program?

The aim of this non-mandatory program is to foster a positive attitude towards school for the child. This is accomplished through interaction with staff members and an introduction to the school community. Accompanied by an adult, during this time, students partake in an activity while parents participate in a session covering various topics. Students also have the chance to take a brief bus ride. Registration for this program is usually completed online in January.

If my child misses the cut off by one day, can I still register my child?

Kindergarten students must be five by October 1st. You cannot register if they miss the cut-off, even if by just one day.

Can I register and then decide not to have my child attend?

Yes. If you decide not to attend, inform the school office ASAP.

Can you register if you have a contract on a house in Lincroft but are not closing until after registration?

If your closing is after registration, bring in your contract, a copy of the page that has the new address on it and the signature page.   After the closing, you must bring in a copy of the deed (same two pages) along with three other proofs of residency (refer to list below).

Does my child need to be present at time of registration?

No, your child does not need to be present.

Do we give tours of the school at the time of registration?

As to not disrupt the school as it is in session we cannot offer a tour at the time of registration, but we do have a brief orientation and tour for all new entrants before the start of school in late August or early September. If you would like to participate please check the website in the third week of August for information in regard to the orientation and tour.


If my child already attended Kindergarten at another school for a year but misses the cut-off for Grade 1, can he/she enter Grade 1 in September?

If your child attended Kindergarten and misses the district cut-off for Grade 1, please contact the Main Office.

What about Before and After Care?

The Community YMCA offers the Y Kids Program at Lincroft School. Hours are from 7:00 until 8:45 AM and dismissal until 6:00 PM. Information may be obtained by calling 732-566-9266.

When is the first day of school?

Information regarding the calendar for the following school year will be posted in May after it is approved by the Board of Education.

When do I find out my child's class assignment and bus stop?

The above is sent out by Central Office in late August. All elementary schools are staffed by secretaries that work from the third week of August until the last day of school in June.

Can I request a teacher?

No. A considerable amount of time by classroom teachers, co-teachers, CST members, the nurse and administration goes into the appropriate placement of every single child with numerous factors considered. These include academic, social, developmental, allergies, etc. with the intent of creating balanced classrooms across the building. Therefore, we do not accept teacher requests (in person, via letter, email or by phone).

Do students get a snack?

Kindergarteners have a daily snack and Grades 1-5 students may have a working snack at the teacher’s discretion based on lunch schedules.

How do you determine bus routes?

The district's transportation department determines bus routes.

What is the typical class size?

Depending on enrollment, class sizes vary.

What about medical forms?

The form for physical examination by a doctor must be completed after July 1, 2016 and may be submitted, if available, along with a copy of immunizations during registration. If the child’s doctor visit is pending, the completed forms may be mailed to the health office at a later date, but before school begins in September. State regulations require all children have a record of immunizations on file before they may attend school.                             

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